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What do the BFA do? What is it all about? Why should I be a member?

About us

The British Florist Association was formed in 1948 by florists to represent the interests of the professional florist and their main aim was to represent florists and to deal with the issues they faced as an Industry and this still drives us today.  We are a not for profit organisation and you can rely on us to help you and your business.

The BFA is still run by Florists and to find out more about those behind the BFA visit ‘Meet the Team’.

We are the only trade association in the florist industry, recognised by Government both in the UK and EU.  An exclusive member of FLORINT, the European Federation of Florist Associations, the BFA is recognised as the voice of the industry representing 8000 UK Florists. The BFA have 6 voluntary Directors and cover a wide range of industry. We are all voted in at AGM meetings by the members. We are made up of retail shop owners, freelance and studio based florists, corporate and international sectors and educational experience including tutors and UKFJG Judges.

So what is the BFA and a Trade association all about?

Every Industry needs an official Trade Association which provides a voice for a particular work sector. It gives us a status as an industry and means that government will consider our input as a group. By working together with members, the association ensures that their trade is well represented and at its strongest. Trade associations play a crucial role in promoting best practice, and helping companies to become more competitive. They have a duty to ensure that training and qualifications for their sector are both current and appropriate. We want to help, share ideas, organise meaningful events, create connections, build our profile together and show everyone that Flowers and Plants are essential as part of our life.

Here are a number of objectives of the BFA

  • To defend and preserve the collective agreement of florists.
  • To maintain the professional skills and standards of floristry through Education and Training
  • To ensure that contributions made by members are fully allocated to the floristry sector
  • To ensure that the Association lobby’s government on behalf of the independent florist
  • To ensure that factual information is given to the media and public authorities.
  • To maintain relationships with other related associations and share information.

British Florist Association Mission Statement

Mission statement

The BFA is dedicated to support the floral industry from root to tip. We work on projects that benefit the whole industry and bring us closer together. Our aim is to build a stronger unity within the industry with a powerful voice. Our core values are to have Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Passion at the forefront of all our actions.

To read more about our Mission Statement CLICK HERE

Institute of Professional Florists

The IoPF was founded in 2015 as part of the British Florist Association to uphold the professional status of Florists in the UK and to ensure we maintain consistent high standards within the industry. Working in close partnership with the Colleges, Training Providers and Awarding bodies, to enable us to uphold this commitment and we also ensure our members continue their professional development throughout their career. The BFA/IoPF partner WorldSkills UK in providing floristry skills competitions with opportunities for young florists to compete in European and World Competitions.  These competitions demonstrate the advantages of learning a vocational skill and encourage ‘parity of esteem’ between vocational and academic qualifications. 

Training & Education

A central part of the British Florist Association is the BFA Training & Education Group. Passionate about raising standards in the florist industry through qualifications, assessment and competition, the Group brings together floristry tutors and employers to establish floristry as a recognised, skilled profession in its own right.

Just as Training is fundamental to the BFA, our partnerships with BFA Member Colleges are central to both the BFA and the training providers many of whom make up BFA Training & Education Group.

The BFA Training and Education is headed up by Training and Education Chairman Sandie Griffith who does a phenomenal amount of work to the benefit of professional floristry and the industry.

The Professional Florists’ Manual written by the BFA was published in 2014 and is now the bible for all florist education in the UK.

For more information on Training and Education please click here.

The BFA and the Trade Industry

Today, The BFA runs, and publishes:

  • BFA FleurEx – the UK’s ONLY annual floristry trade show
  • BFA Vision – the UK’s ONLY floristry trade conference
  • BFA Florist – the UK’s Only quarterly trade print magazine
  • British Florist – Monthly e-newsletter
  • Find a Florist Facility for Members
  • BFA Industry Awards

Consumer website and Social Media

In Summer of 2019, the BFA launched its brand new website for the consumer and Industry. www.britishfloristassociation.org with tips, inspirational designs, news, views and stories from the world of the BFA’s professional florists. the site has received over 130,000 page views a month. The BFA shares content across its social media platforms and now has over 18,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 6000 followers on Twitter with 4300 Instagram followers. Part of this site – and shown on the top of each page is the ‘Find a Florist’ facility, this allows the public to simply locate a professional florist around the UK easily. This facility is featured on every page, allowing the user to choose from a location of their choice.

BFA FleurEx Annual Trade Show.

FleurEx is the BFA’s annual show typically held in October. Now the only floristry trade show in the whole of the UK, BFA FleurEx offers rich and varied content over the course of a single weekend. Hundreds of florists flock to FleurEx to visit trade exhibitors’ stands, watch floristry demonstrations, attend floristry masterclassess and  take part in floristry competitions.

BFA Vision Business Conferences

BFA Vision is our annual spring trade conference with an engaging programme of inspirational speakers and business workshops on essential commercial topics to re-energise your business mind! Open to all trade florists, growers, tutors and suppliers whether a BFA member or not. Each year will have a stellar line up of speakers on all the topics that affect florists and their business

BFA Industry Awards

Presented at the Gala Night celebrations during FleurEx, the coveted annual BFA Industry Awards which are voted for by florists/customers over the course of the year. Categories include Flower Wholesaler, Florist Newcomer, Florist Website, Floristry Tutor, Training Provider and Sundries Wholesaler of the Year. To read more about all our Shows and Events


British Florist Monthly Newsletter and Magazine

Our quarterly BFA magazine is the only printed trade magazine. It features the essential information on the BFA’s scheduled events, talks, workshops, conferences and competitions, inspirational topics, the latest trends in floristry and business tips and ideas to keep all our members inspired.

The BFA shares content across its social media platforms and now has over 18,000 likes on Facebook and 6000 followers on Twitter, with Instagram having 3,200 followers. Each day that follows our brand is recognised more and more as social media coverage increases.

Up-to-the minute news, views and opportunities are emailed to the inboxes of over 5,000 individual florists, linked to features on the BFA trade website.

Floristry Competitions

Ever encouraging the raising of our professional standards the BFA/IoPF are the main providers of competitions. Working alongside our affiliated partners the UK Floristry Judges Guild our competition standards are maintained. A list of just a few of the major national competitions that the BFA hold.

  • Worldskills (UK heats)
  • Europa Cup (UK selection)
  • Eurofleurs (UK selection)
  • BFA  Florist of the Year
  • FleurEx competitions

BFA European Floristry School

Every two years, the BFA co-ordinates the European Floristry School. Moreton Morrell College in Warwickshire hosts a sell-out 3 days of new concepts, new techniques, landscape art and bridal designs taught by leading international figures in floral design. This is typically held in Mid August. They have taken place in 2015, 2017, 2019.

The BFA training and education’s is headed up by Training and Education Chairman Sandie Griffith does a phenomenal amount of work to the benefit of professional floristry and the industry. For more information on Training and Education please click here.

BFA and the Consumer

We shout about British Florists in many ways – making sure our BFA members and industry are recognised by the consumers in the UK and beyond.

Each year we get right in front of your potential clients and current customers in a number of ways.  Promotion of our members, the skills and services we as professional florist have and can provide, is paramount to us!

  • Flower Show pop-up BFA flower shops
  • Flower Show live BFA floristry demonstrations
  • BFA Florist of the Year – final and heat organisation

Code of Excellence

The BFA Code of Excellence set the levels every customer can expect from the florist members of the British Floristry Association. All members of the BFA are committed to achieving high levels of quality of product and of service and follow all of the BFA Code of Excellence expected of them to give the best level of service to their customers. Consumer that have flowers where the quality, product or service is below what they consider is satisfactory, can call on us to help. We aim to ensure issues faced are resolved successfully.

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