Do you really need cut flower food? - British Florist Association
Do you really need cut flower food? - British Florist Association

Do you really need cut flower food?

The simple answer is YES!

We’re sure that our BFA members will all provide cut flower food to help you get enjoyment of your flowers for longer. Adding flower food to the water for your flowers in the correct quantities stated on the product is essential to provide the nutrients it needs to bloom its best within your home.

Check out this video to see the difference with flower food and just with water alone.

When you receive flowers they should always be accompanied by a sachet(s) of cut flower food, if its missing don’t be afraid to request some, if they’ve been delivered to you without cut food pop in, call up or contact them to request this essential addition to the order. It will normally be attached to the wrapping, inside the a box/bag or inside the envelope with the message.

The production of cut flower is an exact science, it is aimed to mimic the natural flower development. In numerous trials it has been scientifically proven that flower foods substantially improve the longevity of almost all cut flowers.  Some flowers such as Bulb flowers, Orchids and Syringa may come with a different sort of food. but your florist will provide what is best for your design.

There are different kinds of flower food for different stages after the flower has been cut at the growers. They will use a special transportation food to ensure the flower is at the correct stage when it reaches the florist. Once at the florist they will use a special display flower food, once again ensuing that the flowers perform as they should before they go out to you, the customer. If the professionals use it then we are sure you’ll see the sense in using it too and you’ll be glad of the results!

Cut flower food is very suitable not only for flower arrangements in vases, but also in floral foam so do use it regardless of the floral design you buy or receive. Now most flower foods are also available in compostable sachets as well so you can be sure we are all doing our best for the planet at the same time.

We hope that answers the question once and for all we can’t recommend cut flower food enough!

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