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Buying flowers - British Florist Association

Buying flowers

Ordering flowers with your local BFA professional florist ensures your design is tailor made for you.

A professional florist will gather the flowers that will be just perfect for your order and create a gift that will be a feast for the eyes and if you wish use scented flowers, they will bring a fragrance to make you design extra special. It is quite incredible that flowers can be used to convey just the right message, or reflect a personality. An expert florist, after asking questions, will create an arrangement that is as individual as the recipient and perfect for the occasion whether a birthday, anniversary or funeral or wedding.

So what will the florist need to know when placing an order for delivery?

  • The day you wish the flowers to be delivered.
  • The name, address including the postcode, and telephone number of the recipient. (Delivery instructions if a property with a house name, or in a location that is difficult to find is always appreciated – we recommend you offer these details.)
  • The item you would like sent. The florist will advise you on different products and what would best suit the individual you are sending the flowers to.
  • The occasion, this also helps the florist offer there expert knowledge to guide you towards the best designs available – if you would like that advice
  • Whether there are any particular flowers or colours that you would like to be included or flowers that you would like to be left out too!
  • The style of the recipient – e.g. bright and cheerful, classical perhaps just white and greens, romantic and feminine, bold and dramatic etc. Just imagine the recipients personality.
  • Whether you would like to add other items with the order, chocolates, wine or champagne, a balloon or soft toy etc.
  • The card message for the gift card. This is the one which always stumps people so its a good thing to think of this before you order. That way you wont miss out something you wanted to say.
  • Senders name, and full address – this is needed often requested for security by the bank if you are paying with a credit/debit card.
  • Your contact telephone number, and email address. This enables the florist to contact you should they need to.
  • The payment details.
  • Delivery times advice (if there are specific times that the delivery should not be made please state these) A florist maybe able to advise an am or pm delivery – speak directly with the florist if you are at all concerned. A florist will ensure the flowers are received safely and are quite used to handling this everyday process. Whilst specific times can’t usually be catered to, every florist does their best to fulfil requests.

Often it’s hard to know what to buy but rest assured that flowers will be welcome at any time, test it for yourself, give the gift of beautiful flowers from a professional florist and see the response you get – we are sure you won’t be disappointed.


These will take some time to discuss with you. Florists may have a form for you to fill in with the basics and most will arrange a face to face meeting with you to run through what you need. Before you speak with a florist you might want to sort out a venue and perhaps your dresses/suits first. This will often help to set the tone and colour schemes of your wedding. Your florist will guide you through their processes with ease but a good 6-9 months before the wedding is an ideal time frame to contact your florist and begin.


A florist will take the time to talk you through your options at this difficult moment. You can ask any questions you’d like to and the florist can advise you on the most suitable designs for your connection to the person who has passed away. You’ll need to be able to pass on some details to the florist such as

  • Name of the person who has passed
  • The funeral directors details and contact number
  • The place and time of the funeral

Often the florist will give you some cards to take away and fill in with your message, you can then return the cards to the florist and they will attach them to the tribute for you. They will also write one for you if you wish to just tell them the message. The florist will make this process as easy as possible for you.

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